Video: Turkey with courgettes, chickpeas and kale.

Turkey with courgettes, chickpeas and kale

Here’s a short video of me cooking turkey steaks with courgettes, chickpeas and kale. Delicious, simple, very healthy and very very quick.
Apologies for any problems understanding my Scottish accent hah and for the amateur camera work and editing.

Happy eating everyone


Risotto lunch and my first video

Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days, I suppose I have some catching up to do….
On Saturday evening I made homemade beef sausages with some yummy lentils, very hearty and super healthy too. I used the old trick of shaping the meat into sausage shapes and poaching them in some boiling water for around 20 minutes so they kept their shape. I fried them off just as normal and served them over some hearty lentils and some crunchy homemade bread. Beautiful!


Sunday ended up being pork day, delicious pork chops with a balsamic rocket salad and for dinner some yummy pork belly strips. The highlight of our family barbecues must be my mums pork belly which she marinades for hours in a lovely spicy sauce, delicious.

I also made today’s lunch last night as well, Risotto Milanese. The thing to say about this dish is that it looks incredibly inviting due to its yellow colour, the workings of saffron. I just love risotto and I would like to think that I have got pretty good at making them over the years. You need a lovely, creamy end product and the rice must be al dente, soft on the outside with a little bite on the inside. It is important to keep stirring throughout the cooking process and that you keep your stock cooking at the same temperature.

A Risotto Milanese is a simple combination of onions, arborio rice, saffron and some chicken stock (or vegetable stock for you vegetarians out there). I added the saffron to the stock and kept it boiling as I added it to the rice, bit by bit. I also experimented by adding some nutmeg and cinnamon, a surprisingly nice addition. When cooking you just have to try new things, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t (avoid post on my first attempt at molecular gastronomy hahahaha – Food or Science?) Once you have a creamy consistency, add a good knob of butter to finish it off.


Tonight I made delicious turkey steaks, with some kale, chickpeas and courgettes. Instead of talking you through this recipe, I put together a video. I apologise in advance if you have difficulty understanding my broad Scottish accent, and also for the very amateur camera work and editing. It is not meant to blow your mind, but to show you that a lovely meal with only a handful of ingredients is possible in under 10 minutes. I hope you watch the short video and I promise they will get better as I grow more confident in front of the camera.

Happy eating everyone, and I hope you enjoy the video……..

James xo